Dry Ice Block

Dry Ice – Block 5kg (2 Blocks)


Minimum Order Quantity of 2 Blocks total 5kg ($7/kg) and afterwhich available in multiples of 5kg.

** Do note that the 5kg dry ice weight is correct at the warehouse departure time. It is not guaranteed that upon delivery the same weight.
** Foam Box is compulsory.
** We would recommend to order our foam box for dry ice to last longer.

Blocks are generally used for camping and fishing trips or when power (hydro) has been lost (blocks can be used to keep the contents of walk-in freezers and residential chest freezers from thawing).

Additional Uses:-

SCHOOL SCIENCE & EXPERIMENTS – There are a multitude of fun, creative science projects and experiments to be used in schools. Volcanoes, cloud chambers, comets, making baking soda, observing sublimation, and gaseous expansion are some common school science projects.

SHRINK METAL FITTING – Dry ice works wonders for metal shrinking and fitting.

Please order at least 48hrs before delivery
For Cancellation of Dry Ice order, a minimum of 24 hrs notice is required from Delivery Time.
For Cancellation less than 24 hrs, customer will be liable for the Ordered Charges.

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