Moritz Beer 330ml X 6 Btls

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The Beer of Barcelona.

When we talk about a Moritz, we’re talking about a light golden pilsner beer with abundant, white bubbly foam. Are you starting to get a craving? We are too. Just writing these lines about its soft and pleasant taste with sweet notes of malt and cereal and a light body made our mouths water.

But how did Moritz get to be so good? Well, just like the rest of Moritz beer, it is made with water from the Font d’Or spring in Montseny. We also use Saaz hops flowers which are well-known for their quality and low tanks for the fermentation process to obtain an excellent product.

You know, all this theory is not so bad but the best thing is to come and discover it for yourself. Come by the bar or head on over to the supermarket and prepare yourself to taste a well-chilled Moritz and only then will you understand what we’re talking about.

Cheers and Moritz!

A Taste Lightly sweet and slightly bitter
Alcohol grade 5.4% vol.

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