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Chinese traditional delicacies delivery fresh to your doorstep

Chinese traditional delicacies delivery fresh to your doorstep

This Chinese New Year, Tuckshop offers a unique twist on traditional delicacies! We have our old favourite rite, the Yusheng Platter, as well as our new Auspicious Pen Cai.

In collaboration with an award-winning restaurant, Blue Lotus, we created a Yusheng platter with a modern twist. This Yusheng was our past year favourite  which is special for its Tea-smoked Norwegian salmon topped with Wild Honey Yuzu Dressing. Besides that, you can spice it up with Blue Lotus special braised 10H Abalone. Not to mention that it includes a comprehensive list of auspicious sayings that correspond to the ingredients of this prosperity dish.  

 This Yusheng platter Serves 8-10 people. (U.P $98) 


  •  Tea-Smoked Norwegian Salmon 
  • 10 Herbs & Vegetables 
  • 2 Aromatic Spices 
  • 2 Types of Nuts 
  • Crispy Salmon Skin
  • Spring Onion Infused Olive Oil 
  • Pomelo 
  • Wild Honey Yuzu Dressing. 

 Optional add ons: 

  • Blue Lotus special braised 10H Abalone 8pcs: $38
  • Additional Tea Smoked Salmon 100g: $18
  • Additional Crispy Salmon Skin 80g: $8

 This Yusheng platter is a must-have for your annual Lou Hei! 


This year, we're launching our Auspicious Pen Cai. This traditional delicacy is layered with luxurious Chinese ingredients such as Australia Whole Abalone, and Supreme Golden Broth of Pork Bones & Chicken. Our Auspicious Pen Cai comes in a specially designed Claypot, which makes preparation and serving a breeze but also aesthetically pleasing. All you need to do is reheat, and it's ready to be consumed.

This Auspicious Pen Cai Serves 5-6 people. (U.P $268) 


  • Roast Pork, Chestnut 
  • Dried Fish Maw 
  • Shiitake Mushrooms
  • XL-Size Dried Oyster 
  • Premium Black Moss
  • Australia Whole Abalone 
  • Supreme Golden Broth of Pork Bones & Chicken contained in this traditional delicacy. 

This Pen Cai would be an excellent addition to your dinner gatherings. 

Peng Cai


We also have the Double Happiness Bundle Package, which includes the Yusheng platter as well as the Auspicious Pen Cai. This package would cost SGD 352, which is a great deal and a hassle-free way to prepare for your Chinese new year gatherings!

On top of that for earlier birds, you can code "CNY2022" TO GET 10% OFF! 

 Double Happiness Bundle Package , CNY2022

Rest assured that both products will arrive at your door fresh as we use Tuck Lee's expertise in cold truck delivery, which keeps raw products cold thereby kept fresh!

Set your delivery date one day before the date of consumption, to avoid disappointment! All ingredients will be delivered fresh, with all nutrients and taste preserved.

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