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Ice Packs - Quality Ice Gel Packs for different usages (Food, Medical, Sports and Cosmetics)

Ice Packs - Quality Ice Gel Packs for different usages (Food, Medical, Sports and Cosmetics)

If you are here, you might be desperately in need of an ice pack for transporting, medication or injury purposes. Here is a click on the link below to get cold pack delivered to your doorstep immediately!

ice gel pack

Tuckshop have all the different size and variations of cooling packs you need for individual or corporate usage:

  1. Ice Gel Pack 40g
  2. Ice Gel Pack 50g
  3. Ice Gel Pack 200g

What is a Gel Ice Pack?

An ice gel pack is a plastic bag filled with special refrigerant gel. Ice gel can be produced with many methods. The ice gels inside ice packs are made out of ammonium nitrate or urea and even rubbing alcohol. Our ice pack is ISO certified for the best quality and safe for all uses. 

Check out this video for a better understanding of our premium and food grade gel ice pack:

Why is Ice Gel Pack better than normal ice pack?

Both gel and normal ice pack products replicates ice’s standard properties - cooling effect. The exception comes in because is contained within a bag. However, having ice/gel in a pack allows for more functional purposes. While the predominant use of plain ice cubes is for chilling drinks. Ice bags come in all sorts of shape and sizes. It can be handmade by filling a bag with ice or during desperate times to call for desperate measures - using frozen peas bag as an ice bag. The most innovative and sustainable innovation in the ice pack indusry arises with the introduction of Ice Gel Packs and their widespread use amongst the population.

Benefits of freeze gel packs

  1. They stay frozen for a longer period of time compared to ice.
  2. Melting process does not produce large quantity of water which can be a hassle to clean up or destroy food quality.
  3. Easy to reuse and refreeze and better for the environment

Usage of Gel Ice Pack

1. Preserve food for transportation and maintain freshness of food products (especially for temperature sensitive products e.g. seafood products)

food delivery for temperate sensitive product

Having a pinic? Packing lunch for your children or husband? Ensure your love ones get the best quality food that is fresh for consumption by dropping a small gel ice pack into their lunch bag! Our ice gel pack packaging is well-certified and guaranteed to have no leakage that would contaminate food products.

As a cold chain expert, Tuck Lee Ice, is aware of the difficulties in the transporting food products fresh and ice gel pack has been a saviour in the cold chain packaging industry. They are cornerstone tools for keeping heat-sensitive foods fresh inside insulated containers for the shipping process. During the transportation of perishables like fresh meat, eggs, or other dairy items, ice gel packs are often used with the packaging. Inside properly insulated containers, ice gel packs can maintain their coldness for about 24-36 hours. Therefore, they  slow down bacterial growth in perishables. 

Keep your food safe by using steam ice gel pack today!

If you are looking for freeze pads to preserve your food, chances are you might be looking for these other ice essentials for your event! Such items are dry ice, cooler bin for rental and just ice cubes for your drinks!


2. Medical purposes - Injuries, etc

ice pack for injury

Gel packs are ideal for treating common external injuries such as bruises/blueblack, pains, or swellings. They can be found in medical facilities like hospitals, clinics, or nursing homes as an effective and efficient method to handle small discomfort. Moreover, it is also often used in schools, army camps, and offices as a tool for treating injuries. 

Medical associates, practitioners, and associates have approved and advocated the use of ice packs for instant pain relief and prevention of swelling. The role of ice packs in injury-induced pain alleviation is vital. Therefore, ice packs serve important medical use and have plenty of medical benefits hence, it is important to stock some in your house or office desk to complement your first aid kits. If you do not have a first aid kit at home, grab a handy kit from your nearby Watsons or Guardian!

Afterall, it is better to be safe than sorry! Grab out ice pack today!

3. Ice Treatment in Orthopedics - Cryotherapy

ice therapy

Ice Gel Packs are great tools to perform ice therapy, which is a non surgical treatment in orthopedics. Orthopedics is a branch of medicine that focuses on the care of the musculoskeletal system. This is because ice gel packs can reach extremely cold and freezing temperatures and able to sustain at room temperatures for a longer time, they are the best alternatives there is to Ice. 

Ice therapy or cold therapy involves putting and rubbing ice gel packs on the injured part of the body. For tissue damage, the body triggers an inflammatory response that causes swelling. The swelling will make the injury more exposed to irritants and sensitive to damage which will reduce the recovery speed. 

Therefore, the instant application of an ice gel pack on an injury helps slow down the inflammatory response, reducing swelling. It also speeds up the healing process by encouraging the flow of nutrients to the damaged tissues. Ice packs can be used for both acute and chronic injuries. Simply cover the pack with a cloth and apply it to the injured area of the body. When applying the ice pack to a recent injury, ensure that it is within the 48-hour time span in which swelling occurs for it to be most effective.

Please do be reminded that using of ice gel packs can help to sooth the pain and effective for mild injury. If discomfort still persist do visit a doctor! If you are unable to move and is not facing any medical condition that requires immediate attention call 1777 (Let's play our part and leave resources for those really in need) or 995 if you require immediate assistance. 

4. Fitness and Sports Uses

gym goers

Calling all gym-goers and sportsmen/sportswomen! We understand fitness training involves gruesome and exhausting exercises that cause fatigue and produces latic acid which results in muscleache. Fatigue and muscle pain, spasm, or even injury is widespread in fitness facilities, gym, and martial arts training centers. Therefore, Ice packs are fundamental in the fitness and sports industry. 

Some of the injuries that the ice packs treat are very common to avid fitness and sports players. These include tendon and muscle tearing, bruising, sprain and swelling. The pain-relieving properties that Ice Gel Packs encompass make them an excellent treatment for professional athletes that go through intense training, such as bodybuilders, martial arts fighters, and footballers.

Those that have to brave the hot sun in Singapore's sweltering weather, sunburn can be a huge issue but if you apply a cooling gel pack to your face for a few minutes, it will drastically reduce the redness and the stinging sensation. Of course to even prevent a sunburn, get the best organic sunscreen on the market through Lil Lullaby Lab. They sell organic products thats are gentle on the skin yet effective!

Stock up on your ice gel packs before hitting the gym!

 5. Cosmetics and Beauty Tips & Trick

ice mask

Shh! Ice is the best skin secret out there. From reducing swelling, to minimising pores and to overall have that youthful glow ice have great beautifying capabilities.

Having a puffy face after a night of indulgence? Grab an ice gel pack and wrap it in a cloth and apply to your face. A easy and quick solution!

Having a swell or bruise after a surgery or trauma to your face? Apply a cooling pack to smooth the pain.  Application of the ice to the face reduces the skin tissue’s temperature, which will decrease cell metabolism in the affected area reducing swelling.

Calling all the night owls and panda eyes, did you know applying a cooling gel to your eyebags can help relief fatigue and reduces those pesky dark circles. Say goodbye to having to conceal your dark circles!

Those suffering of oily and acne prone skin, apply ice gel pack wrapped in a towel to your face daily and see the results in a few months! The cooling properties reduce inflammation, reduces acne and pimple. By applying cold compress to your face for 15–30 seconds after cleansing will help tighten pores, reducing sebum and oil build-up in the pores!

Worried about those lines appearing on your lovely face? We let you in on one secret: one of the best things that ice does is improve blood circulation. When there’s healthy blood circulation premature aging and wrinkles are prevented. Before applying your daily moisturiser, massage your face with ice gel pack. It can also help to absorb skincare products better.

What are you waiting for? Grab your affordable beauty tool now!

If you have more useful usage for ice gel packs, share with us your life hacks so more people can benefit from it!

What is a good substitute for Ice Packs?

dry ice

You can replace ice gel packs with dry ice for even better control of temperature. The only risk is frostbite hence, do not handle dry ice with bare hands or without protective gearl. 

Dry ice is available in Tuckshop in pellets or blocks. Our minimum order fo dry ice is 5kg!

For dry ice pellets they are sold in 5kg, 10kg, 15kg and 20kg starting from $35

For dry ice blocks they are sold in 10kg and 20kg starting from $70


FAQs for Ice Gel Packs

1. How many Ice Gel Packs do I need?

Typical ice gel pack use requires only 1 piece per insulated container when transporting food items.

2. What sizes of Ice Gel Packs are there?

We offer 3 sizes in 40g, 50g and 200g.

3. What size of the ice pack should I buy?

The size is dependent on the travel duration and size of the container. For small containers (size of a styrofoam/lunchbox) we recommend 1 piece of 40g Streampeak Ice Gel Pack. For medium size we’d recommend 1-2 pieces of the larger size 50g or 1 200g depending on the space and the type of food.

4. Is your ice gel pack food grade?

Yes, our ice gel packs are food safe. You can check out the manufacturer: stream peak website here!

5. How long should I freeze the ice gel pack before use? 

We recommend freezing smaller ice gel packs (40g and 50g) for at least 2 hours. For 200g ice gel packs we recommend a freezing time of up to 5 hours. Kindly note that freezing times may vary depending on the freezer and number of items occupying the fridge.

Generally, Ice gel packs are ready to use when the liquid contained is frozen solid.

6. How do I use the cooling gel pack?

Simply pop it into a bag for container to use! You need not tear open the packet and it is reusable, so pop it back into the freezer once you are done to be ready for the next use!

For use in medical circumstances avoid direct contact with damaged skin and recommend using a towel to wrap the ice gel pack before application.

7. How long do the ice gel pack last? 

Our ice gel packs last between 2 hours to 24 hours. The difference depends on  a variety of factors which affects how long an ice gel pack will be able to keep items cool such as atmosphere temperature, how many ice gel pack is used, other factors such as exposure to sunlight, ambient humidity, container insulation and container size all affect how long an ice gel pack is able to last.

As an estimate,  200g ice gel packs to last 12-20 hours in a medium styrofoam box. 

8. At what temperature does the ice gel packs keep the cooled items at?

Ice Gel Packs typically keep items at a temperature range of between 5-20 C. The range is dependent on the ratio of ice gel pack to volume of the container. The more empty space is filled with ice gel packs, the colder it is.

If you have more questions and enquiries, feel free to drop us or the manufacturer stream peak for more information!


Steam Peak's Ice Gel Pack is known for its remarkable non-toxic material that leak-proof and manufactured in Singapore under ISO 9001 and 1400 certifications commonly used by food, hospitals, chemical, pharmaceutical, logistics, and healthcare industries. Made using Japan-Grade Material as the new great substitute for ice!

It serves multi purposes and can be used in all situation it is proven to not cause primary ocular/mucosal primary irritation (i.e. eyes ears irritation) compared to other brands.

It is also food grade and safe for oral acute toxicity (i.e. not toxic to swallow in small amounts.

It is also tested for contact allergic and generally does not cause an allergic reaction or irritate the skin making it suitable for use on skin directly or cosmetic purposes.

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