BIOGreen’s Coconut Charcoal 3KG


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Coconut Charcoal
Environment Friendly Product
100% Natural, Greener & Healthier Way To Barbecue
Smokeless & Easy To Ignite
Chemical Free, High Temperature
Burn Uniformly

BioGreen Charcoal is an environment friendly product which is made from natural recycle coconut shell. No petroleum products, chemicals or accelerants have been added to enhance or quicken the burning process. BioGreen Charocoal is greener to use for burning and its burns more efficiently with less flame but has a very intense heat. It produces less carbon deposits to the food because there are minial impurities in the charcoal. It is odourless and smokeless as its burns uniformly with high burning temperature to cook your foods quickly by preserving the natural juiciness and make your foods tastier and healthier with a rich barbeque aroma.

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