MM Caramel Choc

Magnum Mini Double Caramel Chocolate


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Velvety ice cream enrobed in a chocolatey coating, followed by a luscious sauce layer, finally wrapped in a layer of cracking magnum chocolate, all in a mini Magnum portion. Choose which mini pleasure to indulge in: between Magnum Double Chocolate and Magnum Double Caramel. These Magnums are crafted with thick chocolate, made from our high quality sustainable cocoa which is 100-Percent Rainforest Alliance certified.

Magnum Double is the ultimate indulgence, all in a mini Magnum portion. Double Caramel: Vanilla ice cream coated with caramel topping (13-Percent) and milk chocolate (20-Percent).Double Chocolate: Chocolate ice cream coated with chocolate flavour sauce (13-Percent) and milk chocolate (20-Percent).Gluten free Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa.

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