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+ - I have not received the order

If you have not received the order please email us at, we will revert within 1 business day

+ - I have keyed in a wrong delivery address

If you have keyed in the wrong shipping address, send us an email to immediately so that we can amend before date of delivery.

+ - Can I change my order after I submit

If the order is not process, send us an email to and can amend the order.

+ - Can I cancel my order

Once order is processed, unfortunately we cannot cancel the order. We can issue a credit note valid for 6 months for your next purchase.

+ - Can you deliver the order at a specified time

You can email us separately at however it will be based on our truck’s availability that day

+ - I did not receive an order confirmation email

Please email us at to ensure your order is processed.

+ - The items are wrong, I need a refund/replacement

If the items delivered are wrong, send us an email at and we will do a refund once we received the wrong item


+ - Who can I contact if I need assistance

Please email if you require any assistance.

+ - What are your opening hours of your shop

Our physical shop is open Monday to Sunday 8am to 5pm

+ - Can I self collect if I need the item urgently

Yes, you can do self collection Monday to Sunday 8am to 5pm

+ - My coupon code does not work

Please email us at if the coupon code does not work

+ - The payment did not go through

Please refresh your order again and try. If error still persist please email us at for assistance.

+ - How does the royalty program works


+ - Can I keep dry ice in the fridge

No dry ice should be kept in an insulated box and it should be used on the same day. It cannot be kept overnight.

+ - How long does it take to get the refund

We will process refund within 7 working days.

+ - How can I unsubscribed to your newslette

We are sorry to see you go, you can click Unsubscribe in the weekly newsletter you received.


+ - Can you deliver an order the same day?

Sorry for the moment, we cannot accept same day delivery. We will deliver 2 days once order is received.

+ - Can you deliver an order next day

Unfortunately, we can only deliver 2 days after order is received.

+ - Do you deliver on weekend

Yes we can deliver on Sat and Sun.

+ - Can you deliver before 10am or after 8pm

Yes, we can but there will be a surcharge of extra $20

+ - What is your minimum order for free delivery

Our min order for free delivery is $70


Tuck Lee Ice was established in Singapore in 1935 and this name has become synonymous with ice in Singapore over the years. We have been keeping Singapore chill for the last 80 years servicing most major retailers, food services, hotels and bars. Over the years we have expanded our fleet of refrigerated trucks to 45 and growing. Staying open to service our clients round the clock 365 days. by Tuck Lee Ice was established 2010 and aimed to provide a one stop shop for purchase of anything cold for events and parties. Over the years, has procured a comprehensive range of highest quality fresh and frozen produce for your perfect home-cooked meal. We have famous chefs and bartenders in Singapore dropping off their recipes that you can make from the comfort of your home. With Tuck Lee Ice cold trucks running islandwide, we thrive to deliver your items fresh and timely. You can be assured that your order is packed with the greatest attention and precise accuracy right to your doorstep.

12 Defu Lane 1, #01-02. Singapore 539487

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